Community Outreach

Our commitment to continued growth extends beyond the walls of our studios. We know that once we heal ourselves, we must reach out and continue to heal the world. We are sharing the healing power of yoga one life at a time. Each year, we give away hundreds of free yoga classes and months of yoga to at-risk youth, volunteer programs, community events, and even student research.

Through each project, a life is touched and a heart awakened. With great pride we actively design projects to help engage the community for the united mission of healing and growth. Join us in being the change the world needs; We are the Tribe 4 Warriors!

Get involved! If you are interested in joining the 4 Warriors Yoga Community Outreach family, please contact us, and we will get in touch with you immediately!



Your donation today will assist our program to purchase supplies for the children and communities with whom we work.  Donations can buy yoga mats, yoga props, and yoga learning tools for games with children.  Your donation makes it possible for this program to thrive and grow.  Our outreach programs are created for the community, and in return we are asking for support from the community.  A donation is a sacred act of giving from the heart.  Thank you for your influence and support as we bring yoga to more people in more places.