Calling all yogis! Are you passionate about your practice and being part of our community? We want you to join our team.


We are pleased to offer our work-exchange program. We want to find 4 Warriors Yoga members that are ready to give back to the community through their practice. Through this program we are giving classes at 4 Warriors Yoga in exchange for work. This work will include duties such as cleaning the studio and working the front desk. We want members with a strong desire to grow within our community and show their love for yoga through these karma duties. Someone looking to complete this work exchange program should be dependable, punctual, organized and trustworthy. We are looking for people who can demonstrate enthusiasm, respect, and reliability at all times. During your work study exchange, all benefits include discounted rates on workshops and 4 Warriors merchandise, free scheduled classes and other perks periodically. We want the culture at 4 Warriors Yoga to shine through our staff. Please review the requirements to see if you qualify for the work-exchange program.

To be considered for this program, complete the application listed below.


In order to be considered for this program, 4 Warriors Yoga requires the below criteria to be fulfilled:

  • Ability to commit to the studio for at least 4 months
  • Have a consistent practice at 4 Warriors Yoga for at least 3 months
  • Willingness to work 4-5 hours per week
  • Available to attend 1 monthly staff meeting
  • Willingness to being open to new ideas, being coachable, receiving feedback, giving feedback, spreading the love from within the studio and to always do your best.



The first step to starting this program is to apply! Please click below for an application and turn it in at the front desk, or e-mail to:

Application for our Work Exchange Program: Download the .pdf file