Each of our teachers share our foundational principle: “Be Authentic!” We commit to excellence on and off the mat, and we commit to being an example of inspiration for all. Click on a teacher to learn more about them and what inspires their teaching.

Amanda Dukehart Teacher Amanda Dukehart
Brittany West Teacher Brittany West
Emily Cutter Teacher Emily Cutter
Haley Jarcynski Teacher Haley Jarcynski
Jon Schneider Teacher Jon Schneider
Kate Bowers Teacher Kate Bowers
Louanna Doll Teacher Louanna Doll
Mary Schneider Teacher Mary Schneider
Meg Langrehr Teacher Meg Langrehr
Niki Adili Teacher Niki Adili
Tori Kovelman Teacher Tori Kovelman
Vanessa Aybar Teacher Vanessa Aybar
Zeke Narise Teacher Zeke Narise

Community Feedback!

“4 Warriors offers an amazing, supportive community of both students and teachers. The style of yoga taught here is perfect for any level – beginners to advanced yoga practitioners are all able to get the most out of each class. 4 Warriors made me truly fall in love with the practice of yoga, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.” – J.S.

“This is the BEST yoga class I have ever taken! The Hour of Power is the perfect combination of connecting with your breathing as well as a fast paced flow. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. If you’re looking for a good sweat, take this class!” – L.B.

“4 Warriors’s instructors create an atmosphere that encourages individuals of any background or skill level to explore their potential. Outside of the classroom they introduce themselves and greet you with a smile. During class they challenge you to find the limits of your practice and push a little further, but also remain mindful of any limitations you might have. After class they provide encouragement, welcome questions, and invite you to come back for more.” – B.S.

“Your staff is very personable and makes every effort to assist and make you feel comfortable during your practice.” – D.V.

“I like the variety of the classes, expertise of the teachers, and the teachers great energy.” – E.L.

“The instructors really have a way of describing the poses to make it easier for first timers.” – E.S.

“4 Warriors staff made me feel welcome from the first time I came to the studio. I particularly appreciate the combination of spirituality and physical practice provided by the staff.” – H.M.

“The variety of teachers with the ability to deliver the highest quality class but each with their own touch.” – K.M.

“The instructors, the people at the front desk: all staff is welcoming, nice and encouraging. I like the help during the class to go deeper into a variety of postures and the motivation to continue to go further every time I am there.” – K.F.

“The staff always seem so knowledgeable and make me feel welcome at the studio.” – K.T.

“All off the teachers are very educated and dedicated, which I appreciate very much. With encouragement from the teachers I can now do poses I have tried to do for years at other yoga establishments and could not.”– M.S.

“If you want community, a great sweat and to meet new people — 4 Warriors is your place! Such a welcoming and authentic feel to the staff and space. Affordable prices and options. LOVE IT!” – M.L.

“This place is what got me into yoga! Great workout, better vibes. The atmosphere and community built here is super positive. After hot yoga do a meditation to clear your mind! It’s worth it.” – S.S.