Gerrard Sheppard
#33 Towson University

When my coach encouraged me to take yoga for the first time, I immediately began to question how these classes would help me as a football player. I seriously could not see how yoga, would help me run routes on the field or how it would help me to build lean muscles. My goal was to build and maintain muscle. To my surprise, after my first class, every concern I had and every question that I had was answered. Yoga helped my balance, strengthen my core, and most of all gave me more flexibility then I ever envisioned myself having. At the end of my first class I was exhausted, drained, and worn out. I am a D-1 athlete that has been training for the past 8-10 years of my life every day. Yoga was a workout that left me giving it nothing but the most positive respect it deserves. I am now much faster because of yoga; I am stronger, and most importantly more flexible which keeps every athlete injury free.

Yoga has increased my game physically and mentally! It also benefits the body as well as the mind giving one a relaxed state of mind as well as a fresh strong renewed heart and mind. I believed that weight lifting was all I needed to be a complete athlete but I was wrong. 4 Warriors Yoga has changed my entire perception of Yoga. I have suggested yoga to my past; previous and current teammates in order to get stronger, faster, and more flexible. Taking class at 4 Warriors yoga has no age limit, any and everyone regardless of age, skill level, and flexibility can join. The staff and even my fellow yoga classmates welcomed me in with open arms and open hearts ready to practice and strengthen the mind, body, and soul. I brought my sister (A tennis player) to one class and she immediately fell in love, and she hasn’t turned back since. I highly suggest and recommend any athlete, young or old to attend class at 4 Warriors Yoga, to strengthen you not only as a person, but also as an athlete. Take my word for it, you wont be disappointed!!

Lisa Steinmetz

The studio is a very welcoming, friendly place. The front desk staff are always cheerful and helpful. The teachers are always open to questions, and their regular assists during class can make a huge difference.
I love the range of classes, from power vinyasa to restorative to more focused workshops. And it is easy to find a convenient class with all the class times offered.

Terri Kaltenbacher

I like walking into the studio, feeling at home and feeling welcomed by old friends. I also appreciate the reliability for a challenging transformative yoga practice! When I decide to practice at 4 Warriors Yoga, I know what to expect and how I will feel when I leave–cleansed and ready to take on the world

Danielle Moon

I joined 4 Warriors Yoga a little over a year ago, after practicing Bikram yoga for about 7 years. I was ready for a change to a different type of yoga, and at a studio that was a little closer to home. I find the power yoga classes at 4 Warriors Yoga challenging, but not overwhelming, and, since I can take either a 60-minute or 90-minute class, depending on my schedule, I’m actually practicing more often (~5 times/week) than I was before. I also like the “positive vibes” at 4 Warriors Yoga; my fellow yogis are friendly and supportive, and the staff are competent, helpful, and supportive. I also like the variety of workshops that are available to help me improve my practice, and am proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in the year since I joined the studio.

Missy Schaller

I came to your studio almost a year ago and as soon as I walked in I felt calm. I had just had my second child and my body was a mess and I was full of anxiety. All off the teachers are very educated and dedicated, which I appreciate very much. With encouragement from the teachers I can now do poses I have tried to do for years at other yoga establisments and could not. 4 Warriors Yoga has provided me with mental strength, physical strength, and calmness. I love the atmosphere, the cleanliness, the kindness, the professionalism, the assistance during class, and all the different times that classes are held. Coming to your studio is so important to me, that my husband finds time in his schedule to stop working so that I can go to yoga. My daughter ( who is 5) keeps asking when she can come. I have, and will continue to bring friends and co-workers with me to class. I am always joyful to see people I know during class, and this happens often. This week I turned to my left and one of my students was a few mats away. This is a testament that your studio and the the people, the teachers are amazing, make for a wonderful environment. Thank you for everything.

Denise Van

Friendly demeanor of all staff and instructors, and I love the cleanliness of studio, affordable classes, everything! There is nothing I can’t rave about this studio. I’d moved away from the Baltimore area  but love coming to this place whenever I’m in town visiting family. I have yet to find a studio that parallels 4 Warriors Yoga in my area!

Brett Shields

4 Warriors Yoga instructors create an atmosphere that encourages individuals of any background or skill level to explore their potential. Outside of the classroom they introduce themselves and greet you with a smile. During class they challenge you to find the limits of your practice and push a little further, but also remain mindful of any limitations you might have. After class they provide encouragement, welcome questions, and invite you to come back for more. As someone who is new to yoga and self-conscious about my limitations, I was apprehensive about committing to a yoga practice. 4 Warriors’ remarkable staff has shown me that my hesitancy was completely unfounded.


Brian Flynn

Towson, MD

This past off season I wanted to incorporate some cross training into my exercise program. I had been curious about yoga for some time, so I decided to join the 4 Warriors Yoga in Towson. Now I don’t know what kind of experience you guys have with yoga. I went into it thinking it would be a good relaxing way to learn some stretching techniques and maybe work on my core. Well in short, it totally kicked my ass. …I have been going at least twice a week since October, and it has made a tremendous difference for me. I’m starting this riding season stronger, more limber, and focused than ever. A side benefit has been my level of stress has dropped off considerably since I started. I’m trying not to sound all preachy, but joining this studio has made a big difference in my life. There are many benefits that transfer directly to cycling such as increased strength, balance, flexibility, and of course who couldn’t use to reduce their stress.

Pattie G. Newton

I think the Beginner class that I’m taking at 4 Warriors Yoga is great. …I’ve taken Vishwayatan yoga for the past 3 years (one class per week) and am so glad I switched to this class. My old class had the same exercises in the same order every time! Not only can I attend more than once a week if my schedule permits, but I know it will be a little different than the last class, so won’t get bored with it. I like the fact that some of the postures are difficult and can already feel the difference in my body after only 3 weeks of classes. Having the unlimited membership option also encourages me to go more than once a week!

Stephanie Heister
Towson University

Thanks for the email and the time that you have spent with me. I look forward to coming to your studio DAILY. You are an inspiration to me and I look up to you in many ways. You are so encouraging and devoted to your students. I look forward to many practices, Congratulations on your studio and now I dont know what I would do without your practices. Many thanks and best wishes to you….

Mason Kramer
Goucher College

It’s Mason from class today. I feel GREAT! right now after your class. Even though it was (as always) an intense workout, I have a ton of energy from it, so much so that I’ve already unpacked, cleaned my room, done my laundry, done my roommates’ dishes, and started my semester’s reading ahead of time. So I just wanted to write you a little thank you note, and say that it’s good to be back. Namaste

Dr. Carolyn Boulger Karlson
Dean of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Management
Baltimore, MD

There are not many opportunities that come along to allow you to develop your body, mind, spirit, and psyche simultaneously. I really enjoyed my 40 day journey, but I know it is just the beginning of a lifelong one. Thank you.

Dana Crowe
My boyfriend introduced me to 4 Warriors Yoga, and the wonderful people who teach there. We both truly love going to the studio. We feel Yoga and the instuctors at have helped us to open our spirits to the possibilities of all that we can be and to what life truly has to offer. We are so much more at peace with ourselves. The instructors are a true inspiration to us both!!!
I want to thank you for you!!!!
Love, Peace and Blessing to all!

Linda Kraft
Towson, MD
Okay, I have found The Foundation Series perfect for me. I looked forward to the classes and the instruction was very effective. It gave me insight on what the poses are meant to open up and how to work towards this.  It works at a pace that is right for beginners or people just wanting to enhance their poses. I am going to sign up again.

Brooke Johns
Towson University Alum

Today as I was sitting at my desk, I found myself getting wrapped up in the madness of everyone else’s unhappiness. This made me think about my own life and I realized the last time I was genuinely happy and healthy was when I was practicing Yoga. So, I decided I was going to get my butt in gear and go to a Yoga class by my house after work today. BIG MISTAKE. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, this class was so so SO awful! This class made me miss everything about Yoga.

I just wanted to thank you for everything, things that I didn’t even realize at the time. I work in Columbia now and am living on the Eastern Shore. I really would LOVE to come back! Can you send me a copy of your schedule, so I can try and come after work. I work crazy hours, but I need Yoga back in my life.