We are here to live in the power of our gifts, to live a life connected to love and free of all fears. We are energy and we are attracting our everything into our reality. Here is your opportunity to help you discover what in this moment will help you to live the best reality right now. The time is now for you to live connected to your highest self. You will have one on one meeting that will be designed to fit your needs.

Who can benefit from this life coaching:

  • Individuals who feel stuck in guilt
  • Individuals who are overwhelmingly stressed
  • Individuals diagnosed with ADHD
  • Individuals who are reaching to live in a fulfilling relationship
  • Individuals looking to empower themselves for conscious life choices
  • Individuals who are flirting with disaster and seeking freedom
  • Individuals who feel depressed, lost and alone.

Through many years of coaching people and empowering others to make decisions, we continue to successfully lead others on their path of pure joy and love. Our life coaching goes beyond the typical coping skills and focuses on the power of individual happiness by connecting to true love. It is time for all to gain the power to open up to the life that they wish to live. We are here to help you find a connection to a deeper peace within. Our life coaching is for children, adolescents and adults of any age.


To schedule Call 410-321-9642

Frequency of meetings will be determined on an individual basis
$55.00 for 30 minutes
$100 for an hour

Be empowered and free to move
forward in every way