Emily Cutter

Emily Cutter

Renewable Energy Specialist
Yoga Instructor

Emily began practicing yoga back in 2013 during a dramatic time period in life where she felt as though she lost touch with who she was.
She had also been experiencing trouble with hip alignment that prevented her from being able to walk properly. After two trials of physical therapy and chiropractic care, she turned to yoga to treat her injuries. Emily found her home in Maryland after previously moving from New Jersey in 2014. It was during that time she found a sense of community and a “home away from home” at the studio.
Emily’s yoga classes bring forward intention and awareness to help students understand the foundations, and invite love into their practice! Her favorite yoga pose is Half Pigeon as it helps to open the hips, where we store most of our emotions. Outside of yoga, Emily works in the Renewable Energy Industry to fight climate change and help others understand the importance of renewable resources. She is also a freelance photographer for both digital and film photography. In her spare time you will find her hiking, reading, researching auto-motives, and taking pictures!


Instagram: @emilyroseunicorn

Phone Number: 410-828-9642