Katelyn Bowers

Katelyn Bowers

Sound Healing Specialist
Special Needs Yoga Instructor
Yoga Instructor

Kate has lived in Baltimore her entire life. Since a very young age, Kate has had a passion for caring for people with disabilities and putting a smile on their face.
She works full time with a beautiful girl with Down Syndrome as her life coach.
Kate began her yoga journey in 2018 and felt very connected to it from the start. She cherishes her time on her mat – as she silences her thoughts and lets her breath guide the way, she is connected to her divine essence and tunes in. Shortly after Kate started practicing yoga, she realized she wanted to share and inspire others with this gift of liberation that she had found for herself. She became a 200 hour certified instructor.
Kate enjoys traveling, getting out in nature, animals, and music.
Whether it’s going to a music festival, concert, dancing at home, or letting music guide her through a flow – she loves everything about music. Kate loves deeply connecting with others and sharing her most authentic self with the world.
She brings two of her passions together and teaches specialty yoga and mindfulness classes for people with disabilities. Whether it’s ADHD, OCD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Pulsy, etc – meeting individuals where they are physically and mentally offers wonderful impacts on their life.


Instagram: @_katebowers_

Phone Number: 410-828-9642