Meg Langrehr

Meg Langrehr

Community Outreach Specialist
Travel Agent
Yoga Instructor
When you meet Meg, you instantly notice her grounding presence and attention to detail. Her passion for wellness and people development allows others to feel empowered in her presence. Meg’s willingness to listen and intuitively respond offers others a safe and supportive space to explore themselves.
Meg began her yoga journey in 2008 at age 15, taking her first class as a team bonding workout with her club lacrosse team. Being a life long athlete and Division 1 lacrosse player, yoga brought a new sense of challenge and connection to her life she had yet to experience. Since 2015, Meg has been a Certified Yoga Instructor. She grounds herself in her core values: health, adventure, and clear-mindedness.


Instagram: @meglangrehr

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Phone Number: 410-828-9642