Rachel Graham

Rachel Graham

Yoga Instructor

Holistic Health Coach

Rachel is known for her soothing voice and challenging vinyasa flows. Allowing students to connect to their bodies and grow in their practice through alignment instruction and intentional adjustments is Rachel’s favorite part about teaching.

With experience teaching a variety of students in age and skill level, Rachel’s teaching is designed to support all yogis no matter their experience.

Her teaching is balanced by her work as a full time holistic health coach where she helps ambitious, stressed out millennials heal chronic acne, build strong bodies, and lower anxiety through proven habit hacks that lead to food freedom and increased confidence.

When she’s not on the mat, you can find her perusing grocery store aisles for new recipe ideas, hanging with her partner in crime, Matt, talking about her new favorite podcast, or planning her next trip.

Rachel and her boyfriend Matt Markiewicz also founded “Just Breathe Retreats,” weekend digital detox retreats, which in addition to yoga, focus on mindfulness, manifestation, and relaxation in areas around Maryland.


Instagram: @dailthabit.at

Phone Number: 410-828-9642