As a previous football coach at Northern Illinois University with a major in Movement and Sports Science from Purdue University (BA in 1993), and a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from Eastern Illinois University (MS in 1995), Sid’s path to healing and inspiring others was destined.

One of his players, Justin McCareins, former player of the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans, had injured both of his hamstrings. Under Sid’s guidance, Justin began doing Yoga to heal. Inspired by the impact Yoga had on his player, Sid began to incorporate Yoga as an integral part of his team’s training which led to the team’s first winning season in 23 years.

Sid’s yoga journey started with meditation. From 8 years of age Sid had coaches in every sport that taught him to meditate, this has carried with him throughout his life. Sid first began doing the physical practice of Yoga to find a way to heal both physically and emotionally. As Sid developed his own Yoga practice, he realized many health benefits such as the disappearance of his asthma which had plagued him for 30 years, as well as a full range of motion in his right ankle that was fused in 1995.

Sid credits his parents with inspiring him to move forward and touch so many lives. Growing up with two successful parents, and yogis in their own right, his mother and father’s lifestyle practices instilled a foundation from which Sid could freely grow and become a yogi master. “I can… I will… I must…” was the mantra used in the McNairy household. This later became, and has remained, the basis of his studio’s mantra.

Sid has also been inspired by teachers and coaches from all over the world. The sequence that his friend and mentor Baron Baptiste teaches helped guide Sid through the shift that took him from coaching on the field to inspiring people on the mat, and has become the foundation of the flow at Lifeline Power Yoga, and now Sid Yoga. Sid Yoga is your energy lifeline to living with power!

Sid is also committed to giving back to the community and continues to participate in year-round philanthropic work benefitting the Baltimore and Native American communities. He has done several community services around his studio, donation based teacher training, and the Teach One Reach One program. Sid became a best selling author with his second book, “Yoga and Life Empowerment” which was scheduled to publish in 2016. Empowerment and Beyond was published in 2013. Sid is in the midst of several book project to follow.

In my life I have realized I cannot change the world, I am the only person that I can change. As I change I can affect my family, my family can affect our community, our community can affect our state, our state can affect our country, our country can affect the world. In the end I can affect the world and we all can change!


We all have an opportunity to grow spiritually from illness, injuries, and life setbacks. When we decide to go inside and find a way to go beyond we connect to a power that lies within each of us. My practice has allowed me to go in and empower myself in order to empower others!

Sid Yoga: The Beginnings Video

Meet Sid, the owner and founder of Sid Yoga and Sid Yoga Center. Hear his evolution and heart felt story of Sid Yoga from then until now.

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