About Sid Yoga Elite

Developed to protect and strengthen athletes for function and form in their sport, this program focuses on the following:

Developing a foundation for a regimen to support mental toughness, strength and agility.

Creating structural stability through special attention to alignment principles. This increases the athlete’s ability to gain ground, increase efficiency of movement, and build stability in the body — especially in the knees.

Preparation and Recovery by creating the appropriate amount of heat, enabling the body to recover in heated conditions.


Sid Yoga Elite understands the stresses put on the body during play, and is designed to increase flexibility, mental focus, speed, strength and assist recovery.

Our heat is appropriate for the enhancement of sustaining power and movement throughout a game. By avoiding extreme heat, we create a space that keeps players from experiencing dehydration and cramping when they return to the field.

Our style is inclusive. Sid Yoga postures are used for the athlete’s benefit, and enhance longevity for football and other athletics.

Elite Athlete Weekend Training
Team Training
Elite Athlete Teacher Training Programs

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Interview on understanding the program

As a previous football coach at Northern Illinois University with a major in Movement and Sports Science from Purdue University, and a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from Easter Illinois University, Sid McNairy’s path to healing and inspiring others was destined. One of his players, Justin McCareins, former player of the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans, had injured both of his hamstrings. Under Sid’s guidance, Justin began doing Yoga to heal. Inspired by the impact Yoga had on his player, Sid began to incorporate Yoga as an integral part of his team’s training which led to the team’s first winning season in 23 years. Sid first began doing Yoga to find a way to heal both physically and emotionally. As Sid developed his own Yoga practice, he realized many health benefits such as the disappearance of his asthma which had plagued him for 30 years, as well as a full range of motion in his right ankle that was fused.