Sid Yoga has been a shift in the healing of the lives of many.  It is our mission to bring healing to the world.  Our founder Sid McNairy has spent countless hours diving into himself and discovering the deepest depth of peace that is there for everyone.  Sid’s process had many moments and many of the moments in his transformation took place at Turtle Acres.  It is Sid’s desire to continue in his mission.  Part of this is to bring forward the Spirit Center so there is a facility that will support the transformation of all looking to have their hearts open and embrace the teachings of the Natives to our land.

We are looking for your donations to support us in building the Spirit Center. The donation will go to build the land that has supported people since 1985. Grandmother Morningstar has kept the traditions of the Native Americans in a beautiful way. Your sanctury is here and growing, bringing forward a beautiful space to support your transformation to a deeper state of peace. Anything you can spare will help.

Please make a donation today through Paypal link provided below, or mail check to:

Sid Yoga
321 York Road
Towson, MD 21204


From all of us within the Sid Yoga FAMILY thank you for your kind gift.

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