Kristen Werkowitch

Kansas City, KS

Be ready for a complete shift in your life. Do it for yourself and without a doubt you will be a better partner, child, friend, and teacher.  The love I have for yoga is now above and beyond what I ever thought possible and I have learned that through Sid Yoga Teacher Training. Present and future life is looking so much sweeter! let us begin to heal the world.

Amanda Bussey

Gulf Shores, AL

I could have never imagined how empowering this process would be. My mind is been blown open and my heart has never been more active. I learned tools that I can implement into my life immediately to see the shift and others that I have experienced myself. This is so much more than an opportunity to learn the power been Yassa sequence and methodology. I had an awakening I never anticipated possible.

Rachel Prinds

Overland Park, KS

There are a handful of times in life when a life healing opportunity presents itself. Say “YES!” to this opportunity because it will change your life. It will open you up, challenge you, strengthen you, motivate you, excite you, energize you, ignite you, bring you grace, acceptance, presence, tenderness, stillness, joy, love and freedom. Sid Yoga Teacher Training gave me tools to heal the world with my practice and teachings. Thank you.

Sarah Herring

Gulf Shores, AL

I feel so blessed to be able to learn from Sid and Lindsay. They are amazing and so full of knowledge. They truly live the life they teach. I have started my road of transformation from this week. By far the best training ever! I am blessed.

Stephen Law

Mystic, CT

Whether your future is teaching yoga regularly, or not, Sid Yoga Teacher Training program is a heart opener. Sid guides the practitioner to dig into the source of any obstacle that presents itself within. The result creates a sense of empowerment that will shine beyond the yoga studio and into everyday relations and interactions.

Anonymous Student

My experience in yoga teacher training was life changing. It required me to look deep inside myself, truly open my heart, bare my soul, drop my junk and just be. In doing so, my life was forever changed. I felt a sense of freedom and peace that gave me the courage to transition from a job that caused me immense stress and unhappiness. I am in the process of building my own business and love who I am and what I do! Thank you yoga teacher training and all the teachers that ignited my heart and soul.

Brooke Nisbet

Gulf Shores, AL

I love the premise of Sid’s teacher training… Healing the world with love. You go far beyond asana, refinement, alignment, philosophy, history, and start with the most important part that will help you spread yoga which is integrating and healing your own mind body and spirit.

Sam S.


Teacher Training was an integral part of my growth as a person and a yogi and the next step in my journey. During teacher training, I learned about myself, my voice, what I stand for, and what I can give to others. I was challenged to see the world through clear eyes; I was challenged to stand in what I believe in; I was challenged to go beyond my expectations of myself; I was challenged to be free of fear and judgment. Upon completing the program, I feel that teaching the flow allows me to continue to grow and strengthen who I am as a person and teacher; live it to give it. I have been given the opportunity to inspire and empower others to challenge themselves to reach for more, just as I had been challenged

Mary S.

Towson, MD

Teacher training at Sid Yoga created the space for me to step into my power and find my voice. The fact that Sid already saw me as a teacher before I started believing I could be really be a teacher was an amazing gift. When someone believes in you like that, it is life changing.

Loren Powell

Gulf Shores, AL

I watched myself bloom over phase 1 teacher training with Sid and Lindsay layers of fear and negativity pulled off, some layers that I didn’t even know I had. I so love and peace, power and grace come into my being as I learned to live in my heart rather than my mind. I know I can competently teach yoga now and I’m very excited about the future and the growth I will continue to experience. This was a very special week but I would not hesitate to do over. Thank you Sid and Lindsay!.

Michelle C.

Baltimore, MD

Sid Yoga’s teacher training program has helped me to develop into a mindful yoga instructor and has expanded my own yoga practice. Also, the training has helped me to develop and improve my teaching skills in all aspects of my life.

Kelsey Pachino

Baltimore, MD

The teacher training program has been such a great experience for me and I have learned so much about myself through the process. While I at times it was demanding and I found it hard to commit myself to it, it was more rewarding then I could have ever imagined. I remember walking into the studio for our first meeting not knowing anyone. Me being a sixteen year old, I was nervous and intimidated by the college students and adults around be, but by the time that meeting was over I felt welcome and included. Everyone was always so supportive and I made some really great friends through the program. I get the best feeling after I finish my class and people leave the studio feeling better than when they walked in. I think that is my favorite part about being a teacher, being able to make others feel good, and Sid Yoga helped me do this. I couldn’t thank them enough!